Thursday, October 21, 2010

Preparing for the Begining

In order to start my Happiness Project I have to organize myself and make lists of resolutions for each month. The book gives me some guidelines and it presents some questions I must ask myself first.

What makes me feel good?
It makes me feel good to read, to write, to research subjects, to learn new skills, to accomplish things. Spending time with my family, going out, shopping, watching TV with my hubby, playing games in the internet. Help people. Bowling & skating & weight lifting & swimming.

What makes me feel bad?
Taking on more things than I can reasonably handle. Not eating enough. Not sleeping enough. Not being able to communicate my feelings to those people around me. Taking things too personally. Hearing the unsaid insults of people. Clutter in my home. Taking "me" time for granted, or not having it at all.

Is there any way on which I don't feel right about my life? Does my life reflect my values?
I live a much hurried life, where there's little time for downtime. I wish I could have more time to do my research and my writing. Right now I work outside the home so I don't have much time to do the things that I want to do. I also know my home is really cluttered and I need to address that issue. We will be moving in the next couple of months so we have to take care of it before then. I'm not sure how to classify my values so that's something to look into.

Am I in an atmosphere of growth?
I believe so. I am constantly reading, and finding ways to learn things. I would like to take some courses though. Crochet, screen printing, QuarkXpress, Publisher, graphic design....
I can learn these things on my own but it would also be nice to have someone knowledgeable to explain things to you and give you homework.

So now I have to figure out what my values are, then analyze how they are present in my life and then start making resolutions.

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