Tuesday, June 16, 2009

About Dreams...

It is curious that today I read 1 article about dreams and it's meaning. I get updated in current events by whatever is in the Yahoo Main Page (sad, I know) but today there was this article about Dreams and how they believe that there is a relationship between dreams and good emotions. My interpretation of this article, was that dreams when undisturbed are beneficial in exposing bad emotions and stripping away the bad feeling of them making it possible for the person dreaming it to move on from whatever bad experience they had still lurking around in their unconscious. They also say that sometimes the dreams aren't able to strip away the bad emotion, either because the sleep was disturbed or because the emotion was too deeply set in, or too traumatic to be stripped of the negative feeling of it, for that reason people with deep set traumatic experiences tend to have recurring dreams, it would be the body's way of trying over and over again to strip that bad feeling from the bad memory or event. This makes a lot of sense for me. I've always been very interested in dreams and it's meanings and I used to have notebooks and notebooks written of my nightly dreams, it was so fascinating! However I stopped doing this when my first daughter was born, as I no longer had a few minutes to myself to write in the morning, but I would be awaken by my daughter and had to go about my day with her as a priority and by the time I had time to sit down and write, my dream had already been forgotten... :( But sometimes the dreams linger for a little bit longer, long enough for me to write them on a small piece of scrap paper and get lost in my piles of papers...
However last night I had an interesting dream, one that I still vaguely remember, I was at the outside of my old elementary/middle school and there was this truck selling candy in front of it. I come outside through the gates of the school and walk toward the truck with my daughter. I seem to know the guy from the truck and I ask him what kind of candy he got, and if he has any ice cream. He shows me the kinds of ice cream and I buy one for each of my daughters and one for me and one for my mom. I give my mom her ice cream, and she says she doesn't want it, as she says that, I open the wrapper and start eating it myself. Then I ask the guy: "How much do I owe you? and he says: "Forty Bucks." I freak out in my head, but try not to sound shocked and start looking in my purse for the $40. Then my mom asks how much are the ice creams. And the guy says: "$2 each except the last one, that one has cake in it and it's very expensive, that's $40 on itself. I'm not charging you for the cheap ice creams only for the $40 one." I take the expensive ice cream from my mouth after only one lick and think to myself: If only I had asked for the price I wouldn't have bought it.... And here I am eating a $40 ice cream with cake that I had chosen for my mother who ended up not even wanting ice cream in the first place...an ice cream that I wasn't even hungry for because I had already finished my ice cream, an ice cream that now I was going to eat just because I opened it and had to pay $40 for it and there was no way to return it any more, and there was no way I was going to waste a $40 ice cream!

This dream made me think about my own spending and how I'm spending too much money in lunch or take out food in general, pizza for the girls at Pizza Hut on Saturdays is like $18 and I'm not even ordering for myself! From now on I'm buying a Large Pizza for $12 at the local Pizza Shop and we are all going to eat from it, and that is that. :)

Also I'm going to start trying to bring my own lunch to work, I started today, I can save from $5 to $10 a day doing that!

By the way, if you are interested in reading more about what I was reading today about dreams, here's the link:

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