Thursday, August 20, 2009

If I don't start I'm never going to start it!

I haven't written in a while, I've been studying, remodeling my house, etc. I've been thinking and re-thinking about all the things I want to put into this website. All the things I want to write about. About all the things that get in the way of people's true identities and of the things that can help find it. But it's so much info that I'm also just recently learned and that I'm still trying to digest that I feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start. But the same way that I started my very first Blog entry I just had to say: Just DO IT! (and I'm not referring about sneakers here :P)

So, not so long ago, I would say less than a year ago I noticed how my oldest daughter who is now 8 seemed to get overwhelmed easily, how she would throw tantrums when tired or hungry, how she gets bored easily and over stimulated easily as well. I kept thinking: Is this normal? I kept thinking she was highly sensitive but had no clue that High Sensitivity was an actual thing. I kept thinking she was sort of empathic as she was able to feel deeply other people's feelings. I felt like I needed to help her learn how to deal with her trait, and felt really unprepared to do it. So I went online and searched books on high sensitivity and discovered the book The Highly Sensitive Child by Elaine Aron I bought it right away and as I read the book I kept seeing myself in the things it described, and I started to wonder if I was highly sensitive too. So I went and bought The Highly Sensitive Person and I started to notice that I was highly sensitive. I haven't finished either book because every time that I was reading about something a topic came up in the book that would make me want to seek more info on the subject. I knew that Elaine Aron had written a book called The Highly Sensitive Person in Love but I kept thinking that I wasn't really in love (even though I've been married for about 11 years) so I thought I didn't need it at all. However I kept feeling like I needed more info, I needed to know how to deal with people who don't seem to "get" my sensitivity so I started to find out more about this book and I read that it not only helped with romantic relationships but many aspects discussed in the book also applied to other kinds of relationships like same sex friends or family members so I decided to give it a try. And let me tell you that I have learned so much about myself through reading the pages of these books and I know there's so much more to learn. By discovering my High Sensitivity I have been able to discover the entrance to the path I want to take on the journey that it is my life. I always felt like I was supposed to go somewhere, do something I felt like I was walking through life with no direction, no purpose and I felt so empty. I had no goals in life, no where I wanted to go, so I never felt like I had to work toward something. I was just living an empty life of surviving and providing for others but not for myself. But by discovering this about myself and my child I have found a clue to the path I want to take in life, and that is a very good thing after all.

To find out if you or your child are highly sensitive try the Highly Sensitive Person's Self Test or the Highly Sensitive Child Self Test.

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