Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Begining of a Story

I recently became a part of this Women's Writing Group in my neighborhood. The experience has been amazing. How it works is that we each bring something we have written to the meeting, we read it out loud to each other and we give and get feedback on our writing. This has been a wonderful experience because not only have I found more women with similar interests than me, I have been able to receive constructive feedback on my writing and this is helping me be more focused, and I believe it will help me be more productive and more confident in my writing. Yesterday I was fascinated by this new member who is Amazing at feedback. She told me that instead of stating facts in order to try and bring my point across, I should just tell my story and the point will be made without much effort. And it made me think that maybe her approach will be very positive for me. I tend to get overwhelmed so much with all these feelings and thoughts about everything and anything and I have not found a way to canalize all these thoughts into a productive column. I have been so afraid to write my story, afraid of having people read my stories and find out the story behind my story, and judge me. I don't want to hurt people's feelings and I'm concerned that if I do bring my story to the light then these people that would be characters in the story would get offended by the way my story portrays them.
My husband says that I will never be free until I stop caring what other people think and I agree. I will start my story, although I'm not sure where I'm going to start, but each and every bit of it will be a piece of the puzzle of who I am. It is my truth according to me. And it's going to be great. Welcome to my journey. Please come along for the ride. And hold on tight.

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