Monday, June 22, 2009

About Teenagers and Respect...and cars...

Well, ok, I'm not sure if it was a teenager, but even though I am stereotyping or assuming, it is really difficult for me to believe that a grown person could have done this...
What am I referring to? Well... a few month's ago I was on my way to work and when I get to my car (a 1988 Volvo 240DL - that I bought for $500 on craigslist a little more than a year ago - It's a piece of crap but it takes me places) I try to put my key in and it doesn't work. After close inspection I notice that someone had apparently put a screw driver in the key hole and messed with it, making it impossible to open the driver's side door. I am pissed! I though to myself that maybe someone tried to steal my car. But then I think...who would want to steal a piece of s**t like that? It's so old, the radio only plays cassette tapes... the seats are broken, there's nothing of value in it. Who would want to steal it? I talk to some kids who mention that the same thing happened to a different car from another lady in the neighborhood... Who would do that?!!!
My car is so old and crappy and only the front doors have key lock, so that meant that I had to enter my car through the passenger side evry morning. Mecanics told me that I had to go to a junker to get a replacement if I wanted to fix it. I've put it off, just like I've put off fixing many of the other issues that my 21 year old car has, like the fact that the 2 side stop lights don't light up, and it's not a lightbulb but the holder of the light or however that is called...which many mechanics have told me can only be fixed by going to a junkyard...
Also, my car's battery has the tendency of de-charging (is that the right word?) so I have to unhook the battery after I park it so that the next morning it still has charge, that's why I carry a wrench with me at all times... and the mechanics don't kow what the problem is, and the machine that they could hook up to the car to find out doesn't hook up to my car because the car is so OLD that the hooks are different...And the trunk door won't stay open and the hood release it's kinda's hard to explain.... but you know what? this crappy car is my car, and I use it to go to work, and do all my work related errands like going to the post office and the bank and all this stuff...
But today... oh, today as I walk toward my car and try to put my key on the passanger door key hole I find that someone had messed with the only other keyhole in my car's doors!! I was so pissed!!! I was like..HOW THE F*** AM I GOING TO GET INTO MY CAR NOW?!!!!!!
And then it hit me! The Trunk! So I had to crawl into my car from the car's trunk! In front of some people that where doing some work on the sidewalk! I was so embarassed and pissed! And my car's inspection expires in 2 days!! So I decided I'm going to get rid of my car in 2 days! I ain't crawling through my car's trunk for more than 2 days!
What pisses me off the most is that probably some teenagers did this, JUST FOR FUN!!!! Because there was nothing that they could take out of the car! Nothing they could steal! So what's the point of doing this? I mean I can't, for the life of me think of a good reason to do this kind of thing! I just imagine a bunch of kids/delinquents, just laughing and doing this sort of thing to cars, without thinking about their own mothers and their own cars...I have a baby car seat on my car!!!! Have some respect!!!!! DAMN IT!!!

I don't know! Thanks to all those delinquent a-holes that messed with my car!!!!
Hope you learn the value of other people's property soon enough!

Hope tomorrow is a better day!

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