Monday, November 30, 2009

New Beginings!

I haven't written in two months! A big No-no in the Blogging community. But since I have no readers yet, I guess it's not as bad....

A lot has changed since last time I wrote. I feel like I do have a map now. Yey!! And I have Momasphere to thank for that! Free advertising here!! LOL They don't know it yet but they have changed my life. I suggest you guys check them out too!

Through Momasphere I have been inspired by meeting many other women who are very similar to me, women entrepreneurs, women who make a living helping other women find their creativity, to find their voices, women who do what they love and are moms too! And through Momasphere I have been able to realize that, I too can be a Mompreneur and help other people, and be happy. I know that it takes time and effort and I have to take this one step at a time, but I believe that it is possible and I will take all the inspiration I can from all these wonderful women around me.

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