Thursday, December 10, 2009

A moment of Discovery and Amazement!

Today I had my day of discovery and amazement. It was insane! I have been in NYC for 10 years, and I have always found it hard to adjust to the winter as I come from Puerto Rico and I am more comfortable in the warm tropical weather. In PR 75 degrees is considered cold, so imagine my surprise when for the first time in my life I found myself being grateful for weather above 50 and deemed it "warm". My first winter in NYC my dad bought me this coat, it was warm but it didn't have a hood and my head would keep cold. I wasn't too much into hats but I felt uncomfortable. My second winter I got pregnant and found it hard to find a coat that fit well. Then after that I have bought several different coats and feeling that none of them where really good enough. Maybe they would look ugly or not keep me warm enough etc. Never could decide. But one year I was able to find the perfect coats. I remember buying 3 coats for different occasions, it was maybe in the spring and I figured I would buy them and be ready for winter for the first time in 6 years or so when the winter comes and I found myself pregnant again and my beautiful coats didn't fit!
I tried using one and it broke, another one fit so so and I used it that winter but by the next winter it was so over used that I had to throw it. After that I gave up. For the last 3 years I have been using the layering effect, wearing hoodie- over hoodie - over sweater... And that kept me not too cold. My hubby would be annoyed at my love-hate relationship with coats (more hate that love I would say) and upset at my stubbornness about not buying a decent coat or anything like that. So now winter is starting again and I was wearing my hoodie/sweater combo last night when my dh says. Here you go again, not having an appropriate winter wardrobe! I agreed. I felt fine, I was not too cold, I was OK. So if it ain't broken, why fix it right?! Well this morning I found myself in the middle of a windy cold street. My hoodies where doing squat! I was freezing!!! So at lunch time when I go out to lunch I say to myself that it is too cold to walk around like this and figured I could browse through a store and see if I could find something decent. So I go to this store next to my work, and they have a coat sale, and all the coats I saw that I liked they didn't have them in my size, I was getting angry when I see one that seems similar to the ones I liked and tried it on and it fit, it looked decent enough so I decide to buy it. I make the line, and here I am freaking out in my mind about how I am going to pay $52 on this "name brand" coat that's slightly damaged. I'm not a name brand person, and I feel that I shouldn't have to pay $52 for something that it's not in perfect condition, but I keep thinking about the cold, and keep making the line. I try to imagine that this coat costs $500 in perfect condition, trying to convince myself that it is a bargain (I have no clue about how much this would cost for real but I needed to work with something) So, I pay for it, take a deep breath and head out of the store. A couple is coming into the store with a stroller and when they open the door a gust of wind comes in and I shiver. So I decide to put the coat on before I get out of the store. I remove my thick hoodie and leave my thin hoodie on just to have something to put over my head as I have no hat. I put my thick hoodie in the bag and head out the store. As I walk to the outside freezing windy world I have an EUREKA moment when I discover that my torso is actually WARM!!!! Not slightly cold, but warm, really really warm!!! And I realized that in 10 years this is the first time that I can say that any of the coats I have ever bought have been able to keep me warm! And I couldn't believe it! I am amazed! Flabbergasted! So Happy! I can't wait to tell hubby about it!!!

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  1. yay for you! that's a great eureka moment :) happy being warm!