Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is it really that big of a deal???

Today I was reading the news and read an article about how Michelle Obama had crossed the line by talking publicly about her daughter's issues with weight. I read that Michelle Obama said while discussing child obesity that she had her own wake-up call when her children's pediatrician told her that her children where becoming overweight and that made her start thinking more about making better choices for her kids. Then they make this HUGE deal about how she shouldn't be discussing her children's private things in public, that this is going to negatively impact her children and how people view them yada yada yada...

And the other day they also had this article on how Obama needs to apologize to Vegas, NV because he said in a speech that people should save money and shouldn't go out and blow their money in Vegas and such. People who critizised the comment claim that this could negatively impact the declining economy of Nevada saying that their economy depends mostly on tourism and when Obama says that, it creates the possibility that people will decide to go less to Vegas.

In my own opinion, I think Michelle Obama was just putting out there the message that we should all watch out for our health and the health of our children, she wanted people to know that she's been there, that she can relate, that she's sympathetic to the situation, I didn't think anything bad about the comment, I probably would have shared had I've been in the same situation.

And about Obama and Vegas, to be honest, just because Obama says we shouldn't blow our money in Vegas doesn't mean that I'm going to avoid Vegas just because he said so. In this tight economy we all need to save, and some people are going to be weary about spending unnecessary money on certain luxuries. I don't think he meant anything by it, I went to Vegas last year, and I don't consider that I blew away money there. I went to some shows, I went to the grand canyon, bought some gifts for friends, enjoyed the time there, it was my vacation.

I honestly feel that people make such a big deal about comments from the First Family, and it is possible (as you can see from the articles) that there are people out there that get freaked out about this type of thing. People, Chillax Please!!! They are people, just like anyone of us. They are famous, and powerful, but people none the less, and whatever they say it's just words, thoughts, comments nothing else.

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