Monday, February 1, 2010

What makes us feel the way we do?

I haven't written in so long! I started using the book The Artist Way for those familiar with the book I'm in the 1st week of assignments. For those who don't, The Artist Way is a 12 week "course" designed to break your artist block. Today is Day one of Week one, I am excited and hopeful for what comes ahead.
Today while I was reading the book this morning I noticed how the books makes this journey a spiritual one, how it speaks about God, and it made me think about many of my friends and family members who I've noticed that in their Facebook Profile under the Religion part they have put either "atheist" or "not anymore" or something along those lines. It seems to me, at least from the people around me that more and more people are starting to loose faith in God. They don't have that belief anymore, people who where religious at one point in their lives are no longer bound to religion or have any good thoughts about it. And this makes me think about weather the belief of a higher power has anything to do with how we feel about ourselves? Is there an impact? Does it change anything? I truly believe that these people who at one point in their lives believed in God and now claim not to, they feel betrayed by the so called expectations that society places on religion and faith, yet they tend to from time to time believe in some sort of higher power, just not in the same way that they used to. I too consider myself a non follower of religion, yet I do have faith in God, in a higher power, even if that power is simply a collective of all human energy. I teach my children to believe in God, yet I don't follow any church, nor I believe I will ever. Yet it peaks my curiosity when I hear about these multiple faith churches that I've heard about recently in the past few years. Everybody is welcome, no matter what faith you follow. I think this is a great idea, as many people just need to feel that they belong somewhere, that there's a purpose to their lives, because to me, all those people who have no faith, who don't believe in a purpose, who don't believe that life has any meaning what so ever, have a difficulty feeling true hope and joy, and I wonder if they struggle with their true identities? Someone close to me once said that life had no meaning, no purpose, we live then we die and that's it. No afterlife, no nothing! - Then he ends with: I never want my children to find that out....

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